Trade Show Support

Taking part in a trade show can give your business a real boost or it can barely make a ripple. For the most part, the impact you make is up to you, as your company’s owner and operator.

Exhibiting isn’t easy. There is a lot to do in a relatively short amount of time and the correct processes are unfamiliar to most professionals. Here are some of the things that The Retro VA could do to make the exhibiting process a little bit easier:

1. Coordinate a pre-/post-show conference call for your team of up to 40 people.

2. Contact show management to obtain answers to any questions that come up (i.e. When does the exhibit hall open/close for exhibitors and what are the exclusive trade show hours? How many extra “guest” badges are you eligible for? What other sponsorship/advertising opportunities are both available and within your price point?).

3. Compile a list of scheduled sessions and events that you may want to attend (combing through the online show agenda for the specific criteria/keywords you provide).

4. Research options for hotels, flights, and shuttles/car services in the convention city. Also, they can track down any missing travel information from delinquent team members and add the details to your “staff travel” spreadsheet.

5. Research restaurant options for important meetings in the convention city and make reservations at the places you approve for the times you’d prefer.

6. Confirm details such as hotel/restaurant reservations, orders placed and expected shipment arrival times, receipt of contracts/requests, and vendor commitments.

7. Seek out other professionals who are actively discussing your event on social media sites and organize their pertinent information (like company name/website and subject of recent comments) into a spreadsheet.

8. Schedule (and later confirm) appointments with key prospects, clients, and partners you’d like to meet in the convention city.

9. Order good quality, reasonably priced meals for your booth staff (who won’t be eating with clients, prospects, or partners) from a local restaurant to be delivered at an appointed time.

10. Manage new referrals/sales contacts in a database to enable ease of follow up from your sales team.

Now, you may be wondering, “why can’t I just delegate these types of things to someone who already works for me?” First, especially if you’re running a small business, you may not have the manpower to spare and, second, although arguably more important, trade show tasks pull focus from the on-going responsibilities of your full time staff.