Database Management

It does not matter how big or small a company is, they all have huge amounts of data that needs to be organized. Each business keeps records of customer names, demographic data, product inventory, monthly revenue and other vital information. It takes time to organize this information and that takes away from the business of promoting and creating new products. Without proper database design, data cannot be retrieved efficiently and data analysis might be almost impossible. Many people don’t have enough experience to use some key features in data analysis, which can have an impact on improper decision making.

The Retro VA can help with database setup and management with services such as:

  • Database design for simplified data storage and maintenance
  • Data entry of customer names and information
  • Create data spreadsheets from compiled records
  • Cleaning up and simplifying existing databases
  • Process new data
  • Create reports for clients
  • Create graphs and other visuals
  • Training and support for clients using new databases

The basic infrastructure of the company’s records can easily be organized and stored. A small business can go from a desk full of loose papers with information to a well-organized database that can be updated in a few keystrokes allowing any information that you, our client can access at anytime and with ease. Businesses thrive on information and as a virtual assistant database manager, The Retro VA is part of that winning equation.