Artist Support - Talent Consultant

Are you an artist looking for help with marketing and representation? The Retro VA offers specific support for those involved in the arts. Unlike a talent agent, The Retro VA provides administration support as well as specialized marketing in finding sponsors/collaborators/partners for production or funding (eg. Creative Europe Cooperation project), while promoting our clients.

In representing an artist, The Retro VA assigns you to a dedicated Talent Consultant who will act as the go-between the talented creative types and those that are looking to hire them. The Talent Consultant uses a fair amount of communication and negotiation with prospective employers. Typically, the Talent Consultant spends the majority of their time writing proposals, sending emails and making phone calls, contacting festivals, theaters, places for residencies, etc., selling a client’s talents to prospective employers. The Retro VA Talent Consultant comes up with new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals.

Once a booking/collaboration is made, your dedicated Talent Consultant can, depending on the level of support you choose, continue to assist you in managing your transportation, accommodation and payment needs.

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*NOTE* When possible, your personal Talent Consultant will be available to travel with you and act as your tour manager.